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A successful « Maxivacaciones » despite the context - Los Chicos de Cusco - Ecoles andines

A successful « Maxivacaciones » despite the context

The aim of the « Maxivacaciones » program is to offer leisure activities to the children during their school holidays (January and February) and to consolidate their scholar skills by integrating artistic and play techniques that facilitate their social and emotional development.

Once again, the Huchuy Yachaq team has demonstrated a lot of determination to carry on this project in the most isolated territory of Cusco, and to the most disadvantaged children. For the third edition, the program ran in parallel in 2 neighborhoods from January 11th to February 24th, the 2 areas intervention of Huchuy Yachaq : at the headquarters of the social center and in the community hall of Qapaq Ñan (a neighborhood on the outskirts of Cusco, of recent urbanization and not connected to essential urban services (transport, running water), in which teams of Trotabarrios volunteers have been intervening since last year and have been able to forge links with the children and their families). In all, 121 children aged between 3 and 13 have benefited from the program (64 in Huchuy Yachaq and 64 in Qapaq Ñan).

The sessions has been disturbed by the political and social problems unrest by the country during that period: lack of transportation, prices increase. The workshop leaders had a hard time getting to the activity sites, especially in the Qapaq Nan area, which is only accessible by a long walk.

However, the outcome of this Maxivacaciones session was largely positive, with diversified workshops (math through play, plastic arts for emotional expression, sex education for teenagers, etc.) and visits to Cusco museums to open children up to local culture and history.

Congratulation to the Huchuy Yachaq team for their perseverance in the face of obstacles, which once again this year enabled many children to enjoy a wonderful Maxivacaciones!