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Mama Killa, a trustworthy space to learn and exchange

News from the Mama Killa program by Marlene, founder and director of the social center Huchuy Yachaq and two women following the training. A step towards economic independence and happiness … "On the 9th of May, after moving, buying equipment, recruiting instructors and other adventures (furniture almost fell from the 5th floor), the Mama Killa workshop opened its doors. The project development ...
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When Carole, godmother, encountered Ruth Camilla, her godchild

Interview de Carole, the godmother of Ruth Camilla, who went to Peru in September 2022. How did you know Los Chicos de Cusco and since when are you the godmother in the association? A friend of mine who is currently the godmother of two children talked to me about the association and about how serious it was. As I wanted to do something to help the children, I took that opportunity.This is how I...
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Back from the mission “Give a smile back in Peru”

After a first mission in 2019, six new dental surgery students from the French association “Give a smile back in Peru” conducted awareness-raising interventions with the beneficiaries of the Huchuy Yachaq social center during August 2022. Here is their mission report: “Give a smile back in Peru is an association of dental surgery students in Rennes (Brittany, France) which carries out preventive...
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School reinforcement at Picol: catching up with the delay due to Covid

picol, renforcement scolaire
One of the latest projects created by Los Chicos de Cusco was the implementation of school reinforcement at Picol. For the two years of homeschooling lasted, we ensured teachers and pupils received enough support to keep teaching and learning remotely.However, last year, the director Yovana brought to our attention the disadvantages of home education and the slower pace in learning the fundamenta...
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Trotabarrios, reducing social exclusion on the heights of Cusco

In Huchuy Yachaq, the emergence of activities and initiatives to reduce social exclusion is never ending. Trotabarrios is the latest program. Marlene, founder of the Huchuy Yachq’s association, will introducing it: “ We have gathered several great experiences since we launched Huchuy Yachaq. The project "Pequeño saber" started in Hermanos Ayar in 2007 which provides to children informal education...
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News from Huchuy Yachaq, end of April 2022

At the Hermanos Ayar neighborhood social center, the Las Hormiguitas kindergarten has welcomed children for a new academic year in the beginning of March. How joyful it is to start back at a normal rhythm after the two years disturbed by Covid-19. The school and social center’s directors share with you some news and impressions about the first day of school of the year. A big step has also been ...
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Mama Killa

The opening of the Mama Killa craft workshop: bags and accessories manufacturing process training for the empowerment of women in the Hermanos Ayar neighbourhood In August 2019, Los Chicos de Cusco received 15k euros from the Occitanie Region in France to help create an artisanal jewellery workshop in the Hermanos Ayar district of Santiago de Cusco. As an income-generating activity, this wor...
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