Cusco, still impacted by the covid-19 crisis (November 2021)

After a second wave of deadlu Covid, Peru finally breates

The health situation has improved considerably over the past few weeks and in all regions suspended the most restrictive measures. Wearing the mask is mandatory indoors and outdoors, and even often a double mask is required especially for public transport (two masks worn on each other or a mask with a visor).



Displaying Distancing Measures in a Bank

Peru has been the most affected country in the world by its number of deaths in relation to the number of inhabitants, its health system has proven to be very weak and the pandemic has strongly marked the minds. Vaccination was well accepted. It started late but the vaccination campaign accelerated in the middle of the year and made it possible to vaccinate 19 million people (out of 31 million inhabitants). The authorities do not rule out the possibility of a third wave.


Tourism slowly returns to Cusco

Some tourist on the Plaza de armas, Piedra de doce angulos (former Inca wall) without the queue to take a photo, … Cusco seems very calm at the moment. The visitors came back little by little Most of all Peruvians, a few foreigners take advantage of the reopening of the borders. The former Inca capital has suffered a great deal from the sudden shutdown of one of its first sources of income that is tourism. With the Covid wave is behind them for the time being since vaccination is spreading to the majority of the population. Cusquenos hope to move forward.

Plaza de Armas, Cusco (by the end of October 2021)
Calle Hatunrumiyoc (the old inca wall)

Anne-Lise, 5 november 2021, Cusco