Even small donations can bring a lot to the children and schools we support… So, don’t hesitate to help us!

Why support us is important

  We only exist through donations. The more you help us, the more we will support children and schools.   99.8% of donations are used exclusively for humanitarian purposes. We have no running costs.
  Each contribution is important, even the small ones. Books in bundles costs only €10/15, or 2 meals cost 1€, yes only one!   According to the rules of your country (in France for example), your donation can represent a tax reduction.

How to donate?

  • Or print the form below. Fill in by choosing the type of donation and send it by mail (1 Rue Poun de Fouste 66200 Elne, France), or email We will provide you the IBAN of the association account.

Donation form

  • You can also make a free donation. Yes! It’s really possible by using the search engine Lilo. Thanks to it, you can act for free, simply by doing your everyday searches!
    And it is secured, Lilo prevents advertising robots from tracking you.
  • Every time you search with Lilo, you earn a drop of water. You can then choose to give them to Los Chicos de Cusco. Each drop of water counts!


Thanks a lot for supporting Los Chicos de Cusco!