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From ASVIN school to university: the journey of two young men Los chicos de Cusco followed

Victor Abel and Victor Raoul are twins issued from an unprivileged family. Orphans since they’re 8 years old, they’ve been raised by their auntie. The brothers studied at the ASVIN school founded at the time our association was created and are sponsored by a French couple via us.

Victor Abel and Victor Raoul at the ASVIN school in August 2010

Both sweet and lively kids that we had met at ASVIN became students, one at the University of Cusco, the other one is about to get accepted there.

Victor Abel and Victor Raoul in 2018

Here’s how one of them refers to those years:

My name is Victor Raoul, I was born on January 29th, 2003 and I studied from a young age at the ASVIN school where I made countless happy memories. I remember being surrounded by many nice people such as my teachers Karina, Maria, Ide, David, Jean-Gabriel, my godmother Annie and several other young people who used to come to ASVIN. Those were amazing times. Each of these individuals supported me a lot: not only with my studies but also providing me with food and clean clothes on a regular basis. I remember the place was quite small but so welcoming and full of love. Back in the days, there weren’t any tables, only a few things here and there but everyone did their best so we could be happy. It was such a wonderful feeling and it got better when they extended the school, so they could host more and more pupils. It was one of the most important steps of my life as I learnt to read, to count and many other things. Today, I’m an adult and I get nostalgic when I remember all of it. Thanks to all of them, I got a chance to study and today I’m proud to go to University. Although time flies, I get emotional when I think about that time of my life and would refer to the school as my little nest. Today, I’m aiming for a better and happier life and this is thanks to the support of everyone who helped me on my journey. I wish one day we’ll meet again and remember all the good times we spent together.

Thank you for everything.