Mama Killa, a trustworthy space to learn and exchange

News from the Mama Killa program by Marlene, founder and director of the social center Huchuy Yachaq and two women following the training. A step towards economic independence and happiness …

“On the 9th of May, after moving, buying equipment, recruiting instructors and other adventures (furniture almost fell from the 5th floor), the Mama Killa workshop opened its doors. The project development and feasibility study were done along with the women who joined the workshop. It allowed us to create a solid group of 15 mothers ready to join the adventure in agreement with the project’s objectives.
During the first four months of training, we made a few products we are proud to share. The mothers now have the ability to use a sewing machine, associate colors, use the Andean embroidery technique…
In other words, we successfully learned to sew, embroider, assemble different cloths, make different types of bags and accessories with various and original patterns.
It was not always easy, we had to adapt our schedules and organize a rotation so that everyone had a chance to use the machine because we have so few of them. We opened up an emergency daycare because a lot of children were running around the workshop. But we kept on going, no matter what.
We consider our greatest achievement to be the construction of a trustworthy space to learn where mothers feel comfortable and happy, taking a step towards their happiness and economic independence.”
Marlene Q.B


October 2022. Presenting the first pieces created after a few months of training

“I come because I love it, I really do, I want to learn more things, it’s important for me to learn something new. Classes are interesting, I am touched because I have learned a great thing and I am happy. I make an effort, the work is hard, you always have to make an effort to learn new things. I am having fun in the workshop, we sometimes make jokes, we talk together and we sometimes waste a little bit of the time of the teacher, we tease each other. I would love to learn how to make embroidered clothes and wallets.” Anita

“I love sewing machines, I always wanted to have my own to learn how to sew. I would love to create my own clothes, to have my own machine and learn. The classes are encouraging and since I like them I attend. I wish there were more sewing machines. I am glad to have a quiet moment, that is also why I come. I want to keep learning, sewing, embroidery and all of that…” Maruja

Huge step, since the 7th of November the women are officially listed in the national register of crafts.