Our mission

Dealing with poverty

Los Chicos de Cusco supports families from urban and rural areas facing financial difficulties and having trouble to meet social needs: food, access to housing, water and sanitation, health and safety, education.

In Peru, half of women and more than a quarter of men are illiterate. Even if school is free and compulsory, poverty stands in the way to education. The additional fees represent a significant cost (books, school supplies, uniforms…). Moreover, most of the time, the schools situated far away from big cities are left behind by the government. One other issue is the child labours which is a common practice in the region of Cusco.

Our commitment

Our association Los Chicos de Cusco is committed to giving a chance to children living in disadvantaged areas of Cusco to go to school.

Our aims

  • Enable children from families with low income to follow a normal education background from preschool to highschool (or even university or professional schools), to offer them a chance to have a decent job.
  • Reduce the number of children working or limiting their working time.
  • Complete the daily dietary intake of schoolchildren.
  • Encourage a safety and stable development by setting up actions of prevention about healthness for children and parents and by facilitating the access to medical care.

All of this is possible only with the involvment of the parents in the schooling of their children and in the life of the school.

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