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Our needs

  • Our association only works thanks to the donations, and to actions of the volunteers. Each support allows us to improve the daily life of our Chicos:
  • Donations: 99.8% of donations are dedicated to humanitarian purposes. We finance the school and the canteen for the children and pay the salaries for many teachers (about 280 € per month for each). We also help about ten students outside our school as well as families. Our total annual minimum budget is 56,000 euros. Every day of the year, we are looking for help to complete our budget!
  • School equipment: textbooks, supplies, sports equipment, toothbrushes, notebooks, … We distribute the material to the 6 schools.
  • On site assistance: we are looking for volunteers throughout the year to improve the daily life of the Chicos. They are helping them to do their homework, offer educational activities, leisure activities, sports or musical activities. More information here.
  • How to help the permanent team: you have communication, administrative, etc. skills, your help is welcome!