Our story

Los Chicos de Cusco was founded in September 2007 in Elne (Pyrénées Orientales, France).

Follow the path through the hills of San Jeronimo, above Cusco, to discover our story… There, David, Hide and Jean-Gabriel, initiated a French-Peruvian partnership in favour of children’s education.

In 2003, upset about the poverty of Rinconada and Pillao Matao communities in San Jeronimo (suburb of Cusco), David et Hide Quispe, a couple of teachers living in this district, decided to give reading and writing lessons for children who didn’t have chance to go to school. In 2006, they built, with the community, one premises to host their festive events. Thereafter, they created the “ASVIN” association. Their dream: build a school where the poorest children could complete their schooling. But they did not have the money to do it…

Around the same time, Jean-Gabriel Cabot, expert land surveyor in France, was selling his firm to dedicate his time to humanitarian work. He travelled through South America and settled down in Cusco. There, he worked for a while with street children for the Intihuahuacuna association. In October 2007, thanks to a North-American volunteer, Jean-Gabriel met David and Hide. When he came back to France, driven by the willingness to ease the schooling of street children and to reduce the number of young Peruvians working in San Jeronimo hills, he created the association “Los Chicos de Cusco-Titicaca”. His aim:  give a human and financial support to ASVIN.

Discover the early story of ASVIN and our association (in French only):

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Today, our association supports 6 primary schools in the suburb and rural areas of the district of Cusco. We contribute in the construction of buildings, the equipment of schools and libraries, the supply of canteens or the remuneration of teachers. 131 schoolchildren are sponsored through the association.