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School reinforcement at Picol: catching up with the delay due to Covid

One of the latest projects created by Los Chicos de Cusco was the implementation of school reinforcement at Picol. For the two years of homeschooling lasted, we ensured teachers and pupils received enough support to keep teaching and learning remotely.
However, last year, the director Yovana brought to our attention the disadvantages of home education and the slower pace in learning the fundamental knowledge: reading, writing, counting.
She offered to finance a school reinforcement program, which was set up shortly after the face-to-face classes resume last March.

Since May, pupils have the opportunity to attend one-to-one sessions with volunteering teachers three times a week. They can benefit from it at school from 1.30pm to 3.30pm (classes usually take place from 8am to 1pm). The teachers convinced students and families to stay a little longer on those three days and gave a positive feedback of the first six months of the program:

“Many children from different grades arrived at school without knowing how to read or write, and thanks to the individual support, they now master these learnings, and can make the most of the books they find in the classroom and even write small independent texts,” according to Yovana.

The money gathered by Los Chicos de Cusco makes it possible to remunerate the teachers for the additional work done.