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Schooling of sponsored youth since 2007

The association Los Chicos de Cusco has been created in 2007 together with a system of child sponsorship that was set up to finance the ASVIN school project in the Pillao Matao district, at the time disadvantaged.

During our coordination mission (November-December 2019), we spent some hours for sponsored young people attending college, high school or university.

It’s not always easy to find sponsored youth because some families leaf the neighbourhood, some others change their cell phone numbers regularly, … We walked around the neighbourhood to find them and inform them of this meeting.

This afternoon we spent with them, gave us the opportunity to exchange with them and to find out that they continue their studies and are full of ambition. The idea therefore naturally came to us to ask them to write a little word about their school experience:

Tomas Angel and his little sister

I want to become a hacker and I hope to get there. I liked everything at the ASVIN school. Once I have a job, I will help people and with the money I earn I will help my family so they can live a happier life. Therefore, my wish is to work and help my family.

Tomas Angel, 17, grado 4 secundaria (high school)

Alvaro, improvised a football game during that afternoon.

My name is Alvaro. I am ending my last year of high school and am currently taking exams to enter the National University of San Antonio and follow the Administration curriculum. I want to work in a tourism agency because our city is renowned for tourism. These studies will last 5 years. This field is very popular and competitive: more than 600 young people from different high schools are candidates for the competition. Only 20 candidates will be selected . More than 2.000 students try to pass exams in various fields in my university, but only few are retained.
I chose this university for its great prestige and because the teachers help so much in life. Finally, I chose this career because I could earn a good salary and would be able to help people in need as you do. Thank you for your help. It is partly thanks to you that I have become what I am today and I will try to help other as you do. Sincerely, thank you for making me a better

Alvao, 18 years old


My name is Soledad, I am 14 years old. I studied at ASVIN, a school where I learned many things that I would never have known without this school. In 2016, I finished elementary school and we had the chance to make a trip with my classmates. I then joined Jesus Sagrado Corazon College. I am currently in grado 5. I am proud of myself because day after day I have had to overcome difficulties and problems. The course I prefer and in which I excel is the mathematics course. Thus, later I would like to study civil engineering. I will be a competent engineer and I will progress from day to day and complete my doctorate.
Never stop dreaming; if you trust yourself, your dreams will come true.

Soledad, 14 years old, grado 5 secundaria (High school)

Blanca Luz and her mom

Hello everyone,
I will share my past, present and future…
I studied from 1st to 4th grade at the ASVIN school. I liked studying in this school during this period. My mom changed my school, I went to grade 5 and grade 6 at Picol School. It was a very good school. There were many plants and trees and I made many friends there. Marlene was a great teacher; she gave us a lot of advice. My class was really special, I will never forget them. Today I am a junior high student at Victor Raul College. I did not think I would make that many friends there. The pace is quite tiring because I start classes at 7:45 am and end at 4 pm and sometimes the teachers give us a lot of homework. Later, I would like to be a police officer because I have loved this job since I was a kid. I hope that in the future everything will go smoothly and that I can help my family to cover the
expenses of our home. I would also like to travel to many places, like your country to discover new places.

Blanca Luz, Grade 1 Secondary