Sponsor a class

By becoming a sponsor of a class, you support its school.

Sponsorship money is used to purchase educational material, classroom supplies, organisation of sport activities, artistic or festive events. It can also, depending on the needs of the schools, be used for teachers ‘salaries, to renovate buildings or pay for the canteen or the running costs of the school (water, electricity).
You are in contact with all the children of the class, their teacher and receive regular news and can correspond with the sponsored class.

Today, you can sponsor of one the 3 classes in the nursery school Las Hormiguitas or in the primary school Picol:

Las Hormiguitas :

Documents in French only

Picol :

The modalities of sponsorship

The sponsorship lasts one year. In Peru, children have school from March to December. Then our sponsorship program is based on civil year. Through HelloAsso, the payment is debited automatically each month. If you become a sponsor in September, then your sponsorship runs from September to December and you will have to renew it in January.

The amount of sponsorship is € 265 = € 20 per month + € 25 membership for Los Chicos de Cusco. It can be paid once or split over the year (monthly, quarterly, …).
In France, 66% of your donation or sponsorship is deductible from your income tax, or € 175 discount for a sponsorship of € 265 (please check in your country).

100% of your sponsorship will be used in Peru. We do not have any operating costs, salaries or allowances.
If you wish to be a sponsor, please contact us at chicoscusco@ecolesandines.com

Project sponsorship

Project sponsorship is a regular financial support for the realization of a project:

You accompany the project until its completion and are kept informed of its evolution.

Whichever type of sponsorship you choose, you will receive our “Cusco Express”, the newsletter of the association, which informs you about activities carried out in schools, events that punctuate the school year and projects supported by Los Chicos de Cusco.[:]

Sponsor a class (form in French only)