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The social centre of Huchuy Yachaq still active (November 2021)

Several months ago, some classes of the Las Hormiguitas Kindergarten opened. They could welcome the children since it has a private institution. The principal could decide whether to open the centre or not, in agreement with the teachers and the parents. The children of the three classes came first alternately, then almost every day, three days a week. They can thus find their classmates, benefit from the direct support of their teachers, participate in motor skills and theatre workshops..

The festival T’anta Wawa took place a few days before All Saints’ Day, bringing together adults and children of the school for a convivial moment: the little ones had put on their festive clothes and were happy to participate in this traditional ceremony. The daily worries seemed then forgotten! Everyone left with the pan wawa, a typical brioche made by the Centre. Read about T’anta Wawa

Les enfants ont aussi préparé des cartes en remerciement pour leurs parrains et marraines de classe, dont le soutien a Children also prepared thank you cards for their godmothers/godfathers. Their help was precious over those last months. Anne-Lise took them back to France.

Despite this positive news, we cannot forget that the situation of families in the neighbourhood remains precarious after months of economic slowdown. Many parents could work again. The reopening of the centre allows them to leave the children there during the mornings so they can go to work. The cost of basic food has increased and the centre staff finds that children seem to be hungrier than before.

The « biblioteca » opened again in the aftrenoons. Children from the neighbourhoof can com and find help for their homework, or can make some activities. In order to limitate contact, the centre organised two groups : one for the little ones from 2 :00 pm to 4 :00 pm and one for the teenagerds from 4 :00 pm to 6:00 pm.

The children and teenagers involved in the activities help us to connect with their siblings and their families. This allowed us to identify some vulnerable teenagers we referred to psychological or psychiatric accompaniment.” Marlene, director of the social center.

Article written by : Anne-Lise, on a coordination mission in October-November 2021

You can read the whole Activity Report of the social centre Huchuy Yachaq written by Marlene, director of the centre. Click here to read the whole report.