The word of the President

We are all aware that education is a fundamental right and a valuable opportunity for the future of children and for the future of the world. For this reason, since 2007, the association Los Chicos de Cusco has been accompanying dozens of children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods of Cusco and surrounding rural communities on the way to school.

Commitment feeds us and gives meaning to our lives and to our world. Since 2007 dozens of volunteers, sponsors, godmothers, adherents, donors are mobilized to facilitate access to education for Children of Andean families, born out of the rural exodus, stigmatized by their origins or who remained outside the urban dynamics.

Small streams make great rivers! The adventure begun in 2007 with one class and 13 pupils. Today we help 6 schools and 310 children. We are very proud that the first schoolchildren enrolled in Asvin entered through the doors of the college almost four years ago. Today, 35 of them are enrolled in secondary school; only one left the school curriculum.

Our enthusiasm does not stop along the way. We still need and will always need support and goodwill to carry out the projects that arise from our meetings with the communities: build a boarding school to facilitate the schooling of the children living in villages far from Cusco, for disadvantaged children and children in extreme poverty. We are willing to provide material and human support to resource-poor rural schools, support the creation of craft workshops and develop income-generating activities for women in the Hermanos Ayar neighbourhood.

Many thanks to each of you, on behalf of the entire team. Thank you for your commitment to the Los Chicos Association of Cusco. Sharing and solidarity are universal values ​​that not only help Children to grow up but make the walls fall, push the boundaries, transform us and transform the world.
“A teacher, a book, a pen can change the world. Malala, Nobel Peace Prize 2014