Trotabarrios, reducing social exclusion on the heights of Cusco

In Huchuy Yachaq, the emergence of activities and initiatives to reduce social exclusion is never ending. Trotabarrios is the latest program. Marlene, founder of the Huchuy Yachq’s association, will introducing it:

“ We have gathered several great experiences since we launched Huchuy Yachaq. The project “Pequeño saber” started in Hermanos Ayar in 2007 which provides to children informal educational classes in the old community hall and aims to reduce the social inequality gap and develop equity in the opportunity to learn.
Trotabarrios launched in 2022. The project was led by former users of the center, who are current students or professionally active, and volunteers. The targets are children and teenagers who have limited access to basic services and infrastructure, leisure and sport and/or who are facing social problems such as violence, alcohol addiction, drug use, early pregnancies, child labor….
The aim is to support them by giving them access to leisure activities but also to consolidate their academic knowledge. The priority is given to the development of social skills or life skills, which enables children and young adults to develop their abilities to reach their own goals. To achieve this, we involve the families and the community, so they can ensure to keep a safe and welcoming space where beneficiaries can grow and thrive.

Trotabarrios brings together two fundamental aspects on which we work:

1) Education and all aspects related to it: reintegration of pupils into a formal educational system, prevention of school dropout, performance improvement, emotional intelligence development…
2) The training of young people for social action, focusing on the emotion’s management.

Our traveling library currently offers books, encyclopedias and school books for all ages as well as board games.

©Huchuy Yachaq

Every Saturday our volunteers make it to Qapaq Ñan where they stay for a short three hours until they head back home. In a couple months, we should be able to go three times a week and, in the future, every day.
The Qapaq Ñan Board of Directors ensured the only community room in the area was always available for children related activities. Although it is still under construction, it protects us from the wind and the cold temperatures.


The beneficiaries of TROTABARRIOS come from the following villages: Patrón San Sebastián, Suyo Corimachayoc; Nuevo amanecer; Porvenir; San Pedro; Cielito Serrano; Qhapaq Ñan; Las Flores del Ande; Qhapaq Wasi; Inca Wasi; Qocha qochayoc.

A piece of Humanity is forming in each and every one of them.”

Marlene Q.B