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[ap_tab title= »Annual reports »]Annual report 2015 (in French only)
Annual report 2016 (in French only)[/ap_tab]
[ap_tab title= »Financial reports »]Financial report 2015 (in French only)
Financial report 2016 (in French only)[/ap_tab]
[ap_tab title= »List of administrators »]List of administrators 2017 [/ap_tab]
[ap_tab title= »Statuts »]By-laws 2012[/ap_tab]
[ap_tab title= »Membership Form »]Membership form[/ap_tab]
[ap_tab title= »Newsletter Cusco Express »]No.72
No.70, special issue about the new graphic identity of the association
No.69, special edition about Huchuy Yachaq