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An active first day back in our partner schools - Los Chicos de Cusco - Ecoles andines

An active first day back in our partner schools

June 2023

Mid-March, our partner schools reopened their doors for a new academic year with the same ambition; to open to children of underprivileged neighborhoods and offer them a qualitative education and learning opportunities to help their development. Thanks to the support of Los Chicos de Cusco, a few projects were initiated and created.

Picol primary school

This year, the staff number increased again, we welcomed 150 students, dispatched into 7 classes. The teaching team is stable enough and we had the pleasure to learn that Yovana Elida Rosell was confirmed in her position as director for the years to come. With the end of the sanitary measures, the kitchen was reopened and a snack was offered to the children in the morning (children have class from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. then go back home for lunch). They have, then, the possibility to eat nutritious foods which is not always the case at home as some families have a hard time feeding everyone. Our organization finances the salaries of the two cooks. Because of the growing number of meals that have to be prepared, a second cook has been helping Lucy – Picol’s long-time cook – this year. We also provided funds to help finish the courtyard: the last part was cemented by a father. Now this hard surface allows children to play and have physical activities without being bothered by mud or bad ground conditions.

Huchuy Yachaq Kindergarten

At the Huchuy Yachaq social center’s kindergarten, 46 Hormiguitas (little ants in Spanish) started school on the 6th of March 2023, dispatched in three classes (Rijchary for the 3 year olds, Inti Nan for the 4 year olds, Atipamuy for the 5 year olds). The school is dynamic as ever and offers activities and exceptional entertainment all year long: going to the park with the 3 year olds’ class, sports games on the 28th for all classes, plastic arts, music and theatre. All these activities enable the children to express themselves and grow with the support of their teachers.

« Since the second week of March, plastic arts, music and theater workshops helped them be themselves; children who learn by playing games. 
The 24th of March, they enjoyed a day at the park, a first for some 3 year olds, an unforgettable day! Getting to know other children, becoming friends, learning tolerance, sharing and remaining friends after an argument, are daily experiences that allow them to go from childhood to adolescence feeling loved and confident.
The health staff [Peruvian government] are vigilant about the children’s general health, assessing their weight and height and monitoring vaccinations and check-ups.
On the 28th of March, we gathered for sports games and a morning of fun and competition. All classes participated actively. At the end, everyone received a medal which rewarded their successful performance.
This year, we welcomed 46 children and 43 families that also participated to the workshops for parents and had the opportunity to be followed by our psychologist and by the Gestalt de Cusco Institute.”
 Marlene, social center director, 16th of May 2023

You want to help and follow one of the classes of the educative structures we support? You can sponsor one of them and frequently receive news of the class.