Workshop of theater for Las Hormiguitas

In June 2021 the Kindergarten Las Hormiguitas offered a theatre workshop for the.

By the second week, almost all parents had registered their children. Since August, the children have been following two sessions a week with Cristian. 

Cristian, the activity organizer, tells us more about the content and contributions:

“For the little ones (3 years), the aim is to develop motor skills through playful and manual activities, to improve pronunciation through vocalizations and songs, to stimulate the imagination through games.

The workshop for the middle class (4 years) focuses on the recognition of the body and on language from the reading of tales or improvisations.

With the older ones (5 years), we start with a more global psychomotor work: the body in space, the body as a fundamental element of communication… We explore the posture, the gaze, the gesture thanks to improvisation games based on the stories and anecdotes of everyday life reported by the children. This group presented small pieces several times throughout the summer.”